Credit Legacy

Credit problems affect most people at some time or another. Often it is through no fault of our own and is unavoidable, such as unexpected medical expenses or other catastrophes. When these situations strike that are injurious to our credit score, we have the option of ignoring it, possibly allowing it to get worse and further ruin our credit, or addressing it immediately and staving off further damage or reversing it.

There is Help Available

If your credit situation has gotten out of control, either through having too much debt or not having adequately taken care of what little debt you do have, there are options for repairing your credit that will enable you get other credit and meet your needs.

You don't have to sit at home, watching the Caller ID on your phone like a hawk and refusing to pick up unless the call is from a friend or family member. There are counseling services, credit self-repair options, and debt consolidation, that can help you take charge of your situation and get on the road to a stellar credit score in no time.

Even if You’ve Filed Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy can stay on your credit for up to seven years, but just because the record of the bankruptcy will be on your report that long, it doesn't mean that you can't get and use credit well and effectively and be offered credit from other lenders.

Credit can help you by providing useful information on credit repair that you can use yourself, or by pairing you with a credit counseling or consolidation service that you can choose to help you through the process of taking care of your debt and restoring your credit to a level which enables you to establish new credit.